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Barely Composed
New Books by English Faculty
Alice Fulton reimagines the great lyric subjects in her new book of poems.

Writers and travelers are mesmerized alike by knowing of their destinations.Eudora Welty


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May 18th Jonathan Culler Highlights Cornell Accomplishments
To celebrate Charter Day, Professor Jonathan Culler reflects on 50 years worth of Cornell accomplishments that transformed the humanities, as part of panel discussion.
May 15th Jeremy Braddock Presents on The Firesign Theatre
Cornell Chronicle on Jeremy Braddock’s paper "The Firesign Theatre’s Wax Poetics.” Braddock serves as Associate Professor and Director of Graduate Studies.
May 6th Lyrae Van Clief-Stefanon Revists the Great Migration

Associate Professor Van Clief-Stefanon responds to a Lawrence painting as part of PBS NewsHour's “Revisiting the Great Migration through paintings and poetry.”

April 23rd Remembering M.H. Abrams
Influential literary critic and Cornell English professor, M.H. "Mike" Abrams passes away at 102. Cornell Chronicle highlights his lifetime achievements.
April 15th Phyllis Janowitz memorial gathering on campus
A gathering to remember and celebrate the life and work of Phyllis Janowitz will take place Friday, April 17, at 11:30 a.m.
April 1st Darkness and light in Fulton's new poetry collection
Cornell Chronicle talks with Professor Alice Fulton about her new collection of poetry Barely Composed.
March 31st Students gain novel insights from faculty reading
Daily Sun article features readings by professors J. Robert Lennon and Valzhyna Mort.
February 12th Ella Diaz wins Woodrow Wilson Fellowship
Assistant Professor Diaz has won a Woodrow Wilson Foundation Career Enhancement Fellowship. She teaches in both the English department and Latino Studies.
January 16th Morgan adds to his literary awards
Professor of English and best-selling author Robert Morgan wins awards for two of his latest works.